About Us

Our first date started with a casual dinner and a shared bottle of wine.  Little did we know that this shared interest in wine would blossom into a hobby that continues to give us joy.  Over the years we have tried hundreds of bottles of wine but it wasn’t until recently that we realized that our hobby had turned into a passion.  A passion for wine – a true love of wine.  It is not just a love for wine but a love for learning more about the intricacies of wines, the varietals, the regions, the pleasure of pushing our palates to new and exciting tastes.

The purpose of this website is to provide a source, for those new to wine, to learn more about wine in a  relatable manner.  We are not expert wine tasters.  We have not undergone formal training or taken a sommelier course or even consider taken the exam.  What we do have is a passion for learning about wine and pushing our palates to new, distinct tastes.  There is nothing more satisfying then noticing an aroma for the first time.  Our hope is that with this website we can share with you our wine adventures.

Most importantly, we enjoy discussing wine with others – from friends and family, to winemakers, to experts in the art of wine tasting.  As students of wine, we want to learn from anyone willing to teach us.  Likewise, we want to teach and share with anyone interested in learning more about wine.

Finally, we would be re-missed if we didn’t mention our other love in life.  Our tasting companion and little snuggler Samson Oliver.  Samson is a 5-year old french bulldog who is the boss of the house.  Every week as we try to analyze new wines he accompanies us by lying like a little angel in his bed next to our tasting table.  Our weekly post “Wines with Samson Oliver” encompasses this enjoyable moments while providing our personal interpretation of the wines we try.  We hope you enjoy!!

If you ever have any feedback regarding the content on this site or seeking other information not include, we would love to hear from you. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit the site regularly as we will be continuously adding new information to the site.

Anyways, we wish you all the best with your wine adventures and thank you for dropping by!

Charlcie and Adam