Belle Glos – Las Alturas 2013 – Pinot Noir

Belle Glos Pinot Noir is a highly regarded Pinot Noir coming from coastal California produced by the well established Caymus Vineyards in Napa Valley.  Named for Lorna Belle Glos Wagner, three distinct vineyards are utilized to produce “Las Alturas”, “Dairymen”, and “Clark and Telephone” showcasing how climate variations produce distinct subtleties in these wines.    

Samson Oliver
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Color: This beauty is a purply violet on first look but when tilted towards the light a pale ruby shade shines through.

Nose: There’s a hint of smokiness and before it opens up it actually smells of slightly sweeter red fruit.

Taste: The flavor of juicy cranberries is most notable on first sip. We noticed this pinot has significantly more substance, as in it’s heavier, than most traditional pinots, yet that expected acidity is definitely present. The smokiness continues on the pallet, however those sweet red fruits noticed on the nose transform into luscious dark fruit flavors on the tongue.

Our overall impression:

  • We thoroughly enjoyed this Belle Glos Pinot Noir
  • Its toasty notes
  • Its finesse—nicely balanced tannins and acidity
  • Its versatility
    • Can stand up being paired with heartier dishes while still pairing perfectly with lighter bites

Price: $49.99 (average price)

Vivino Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Our Rating: 93 out of 100

Tasting Date: 10/15/17



Food Pairing: Cheese and Charcuterie

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