Cenyth 2010 – Red Blend

Happy Halloween Guys!!

We were first introduced to Cenyth during our 1st year anniversary dinner at Tony’s in Lexington, Kentucky.  Unfortunately, our delight for trying a recommended red blend was short lived as they had just sold out their last bottle.  As fate would hold it, a later visit to our favorite wine shop we noticed the bottle just before heading to checkout – a clear sign that we must purchase and try ourselves.  Review of the website indicates that the word Cenyth represents “the beginning of her journey as a winemaker.”

  • 54% Merlot, 34% Cabernet Franc, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon

Visual: clear deep ruby with a “rustic” hint towards the meniscus suggesting it has aged to some degree

Nose: There is an aromatic intensity to the wine as well as evidence of some age – warm spice, dark fruit, slightly woodsy predominate the overall senses

Taste: There is an acidic nature to the wine that is somewhat surprising given its age – later black cherry, plum with subtle earthy/pencil shavings present to help balance out the wine.  It is medium bodied with medium tannins – the vanilla notes indicate that it was aged in oak.  Able to detect Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon within the wine

Our Overall Impression:

  • We thought that this wine fell a bit flat for the “hype” it had received not to mention the overall price
  • Despite decanting for well over an hour, the flavors remained undeveloped with the acidity – tartness predominating on the palate – we were a bit surprised given this was a 2010 blend with some of our favorite varietals
  • We plan to revisit this wine in the future – to many reviews suggest that our “palates” may have been off in preparation for Halloween

Cenyth Red Blend - 2010Price: $59.99 (average price)

Vivino Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Our Rating:  90 out of 100

Tasting Date: 10/31/17



What we paired it with: Flank steak with fall fruits and Latkes

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