International Wine Day 2018

If you are reading this right now – you love wine!  Apparently, so do a lot of other people – in fact the enjoyment of wine is so strong that individuals, people and groups have pushed for designating International “wine” days.  Not that another reason to drink wine is necessary – but observing these “official” (or unofficial) holidays creates a fun opportunity to drink a specific varietal of wine.   As a side note – when we started through Day of the Year (and yes we went through every day) we discovered other International wine days existed that weren’t included.  We also included a couple additional non-wine days that would provide great chances to enjoy – more wine!  We believe we’ve identified all “official” wine days – but if there are others please let us know.  So check out our 2018 International Wine Day Guide and see the attached Calendar for easier access!!


Cheese Lovers Day – January 20th

  • While not a wine it is virtually impossible to not associate cheese with wine (or wine with cheese).  Tasting different cheeses with wine is a favorite activity at Reds or Whites – however, if wanting to gift us cheese avoid anything blue cheese relate and be sure to designate the goat cheese for Adam! 🙂
  • #CheeseLoversDay


National (Global) Drink Wine Day – February 18th

  • Our initial research indicated that National drink wine day, is celebrated across the United States.  Alternatively, another source indicated that this day should in fact be Global Drink wine day.  Why? Because (according to National Drink Wine Day): “The purpose of National Drink Wine Day is to spread the love and health benefits of wine. Wine has played an important role in history, religion and relationships. We embrace the positive benefits of wine such as new friends, reduced risk of heart disease and the enhancement of food and life”.  Seems like we shouldn’t be selfish with this one especially given its benefits to your health.  So I’m all for designating this date as Global Drink Wine day – its not about the wine its about your heart!
  • #GlobalDrinkWineDay

Open That Bottle – February 24th (Scheduled for the last Saturday in February)

  • Do it.  Take that special bottle of wine that you’ve been saving and open it.  Go ahead, we give you permission.  Open that bottle night was designed to ensure those bottles of wine that have been put away are not completely forgotten.  We can thank Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher (of, who created this holiday in 2000 as a way of reconnecting with your special someone over a special bottle of wine.
  • Ours: 2012 Sitar Encore Pinot Noir


National Mulled Wine Day – March 3rd

  • Attempt #1: Scandinavian Glogg – that was my first introduction to Mulled Wine (it wasn’t a good first introduction).  My parents were visiting for New Years while I was a resident and my dad insisted we try – to be fair this was before any of us really got into wine.
  • Attempt #2: Mulled wine compliments of Charlcie’s brother and sister-in-law as an engagement gift.  I think we added too many spices as it was difficult to drink albeit much improved from my previous experience.
  • Attempt #3: Christmas Eve 2017 – as we were hanging out watching football and doing the Christmas thing, we tried again at mulled wine and I think we got it right this time.  Perfect amount of spice with appropriate amount of “chill” in the air.
    Because it is integrated with spices, liquor, fruit we would recommend using a darker red wine with a rank of 4-5 or less on the Reds or Whites rating scale – you don’t want to necessarily waste a good wine and with the other spices added you can get away it!


International Malbec Day – April 17th

  • In our opinion, there is no wine that is more associated to a specific country than Malbec and Argentina (check out our Malbec guide here).  Malbec came from France but the climate and mountain ranges found within Argentina provided an optimal place for the grapes to thrive.  According to the website, Malbec World Day was put into place to “celebrate(s) our essence, what our people do best and what best represents our growth and expansion as a country.”  So diversify your palate by enjoying an Argentinian Malbec!
  • #WorldMalbecDay


Sauvignon Blanc Day – May 4th

  • Designated as the first Friday in May, Sauvignon Blanc Day celebrates one of New Zelands top varietals.  Highlighted by its crisp, elegant, and fresh nature Sauvignon Blanc is certainly a crowd favorite for spring parties.
  • #SauvBlancDay

National Moscato Day – May 9th

  • Originating in 2012 by the Gallo Family vineyards, Mascoto Day is a popular drink in late spring and summer due to its lightness, sweetness and affordability.  One of the oldest grape varietals, Moscato hails from Italy and is the perfect accompaniment for a summers day on the porch or to have with lunch and a cheese plate.  Moscatos popularity continues to increase likely due to artists like Drake, Lil’ Kim and Jay-Z providing their endorsement in their songs!
  • #MoscatoDay

International Chardonnay Day – May 24th

  • A special thanks to Rick Bakas who by all accounts was the brains behind Chardonnay Day.  Celebrated on the Thursday before Memorial Day – this international event celebrates one of the most beloved grape varietals: Chardonnay.  If Moscato day didn’t provide a great lead-in to warmer weather then Chardonnay certainly will.  The light, fresh, tropical notes found within Chardonnay creates a wonderful wine as the heat begins to increase.  So pick up a glass and toast with the rest of the world, you don’t even have to choose the wine varietal – the biggest question to answer is whether you prefer “oaked” or “un-oaked” Chardonnay!
  • #ChardDay

National Wine Day – May 25th

  • So you’re not a lover of Chardonnay – luckily (this year at least) the day following Chardonnay Day is Wine Day.  Unlike Drink Wine Day (in February) which celebrates the health benefits of wine, National Wine Day is all about the pure love of wine.  Celebrated by cultures around the world for centuries, wine may be one of the most popular drinks in the world.  So sit back, relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine and celebrate the creation of this beautiful drink.
  • #NationalWineDay


National Cheese Day – June 4th

  • We celebrated Cheese Lovers Day on January 20th – and through our research we aren’t easily able to determine a big difference between the two dates.  Either way, we won’t make a big fuss about it and just enjoy a new cheese varietal with a nice accompanying wine!
  • #NationalCheeseDay

National Rosé Wine Day – June 9th

  • We’ve come across two separate dates on this one – not that that should pose a problem for anyone.  The key is to ensure that you drink Rosé between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  According to the National Day Calendar, Rosé Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in June.  Rosé is a beautiful wine that fits all palates both red and white lovers alike.  A wine that isn’t as heavy as a true red (for you white lovers) but also not so fruity and acidic (for you red lovers).  So friends let’s all come together, both red and white lovers alike and just Rosé All-day!
  • #NationalRoséDay

World Lambrusco Day – June 21st

  • Ok, must admit – this is a new one to us but that’s what this website is all about: Exploring the World of Wine!  We won’t delve into a lot of detail about Lambrusco (for that check out this guide by Wine Folly) but Lambursco is an Italian grape that produces a wine that is dry and barely sweet frequently developed into a semi-sparkling style.  So here’s to being open to trying new wines!
  •  #LabruscoDay


Chocolate Day – July 7th

  • The only thing, potentially, that rivals wine and cheese could be wine and chocolate!  Pairing wine with chocolate is an exceptionally fun experience – check back for our recent wine and chocolate pairing experience!


National Albariño Day(s)? – August 2nd – 7th

  • We must admit that having a day is great but DAYS is amazing!  ‘Albariño Days’ have decided 6 days is the appropriate amount of time to celebrate this wonderful wine.  ‘Albariño is a white wine grape that originated in Portugal – the wine is similar to Riesling and Vioginer producing floral aromas as well as fruits consistent with peach, apricots, and citrus.  Check out The Traveling Corkscrew for a better understanding of Albariño.  If you haven’t given this one a try we certainly encourage you to do so!
  • #AlbariñoFiesta

National White Wine Day – August 4th

  • Let’s face it, white wine is beautiful – light, crisp and refreshing but actually never truly white.  Instead white wines are generally a very light golden yellow color and can range from yellow-green to a straw-yellow color.  National white wine day celebrates this delectable wine and encourages us to venture beyond our comfort zones of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and other common varietals to truly explore the world of wine.
    Most source indicate that August 4th is White Wine Day; however, Days of the Year suggests that it is August 3rd.
  • #NationalWhiteWineDay; #WhiteWineDay

International Rosé Wine Day – August 14th

  • You may recall that we noted that June 9th was also designated Rosé Day – we wonder why people argue about this – just celebrate both!  There are so many different variations of Rose to try, we should not limit our exploration of the wine world by deciding upon one or the other!

National Pinot Noir Day – August 18th

  • Days of the Year states Pinot Noir is one of the most hedonistic wines ever made.  A good Pinot Noir is extremely temperamental, subjected to disease, rot and infestations making it difficult to make – however, when its done correctly and you find a good Pinot Noir, there could be no better wine – savor it because it is absolutely beautiful.  Amazing color, rich and complex all at the same time.  Grown in the cool regions of France, Napa and Sonoma Valleys in California and Oregon, the diversity exhibited in Pinot Noir makes it well worth sampling from all locations.  Interested in learning about Pinot Noir? Check out our guide here!!
  • #PinotNoirDay

International Cabernet Day – August 30th

  • Rick Bakas was onto something when developing Chardonnay day but he wasn’t done: “Naturally, we needed something on the Thursday before LaborDay. So #CabernetDay was born that same year.”  Let’s face it this big bold red is often consider the King of the Reds – the complexity and depth that are produced in Cabernet Sauvignon are something to be savored and enjoyed.  A perfect accompaniment to steak.  We will let the wine speak for itself.
  • #CabernetDay


International Grenache Day – September 21st (3rd Friday in September)

  • Grenache, a varietal frequently incorporated into blends, hails from Aragon, a region in northern Spain.  Established by the Grenache Association, International Grenache Day celebrates this unique varietal and the varietals that have been produced from this sweet yet spicy grape.  So, in celebration of International Grenache Day, throw a Grenache party where all the guests bring their favorite Grenache so the wonders to this wine can be further appreciated.
  • #GrenacheDay


International Pinotage Day – October 14th (2017 – unconfirmed date for 2018)

  • Celebrated on the second Saturday in October, Pinotage Day pay tribute to the national wine of South Africa.  Pinotage, is a varietal that we personally have not experienced, but it is characterized by its deep red color and smoky, bramble, earthy flavors and sometimes hints of bananas and tropical fruit.  Pinotage can be blended with other varietals and even developed into a fortified wine.  So cheers to the national wine of South Africa!

Global Champagne Day – October 19th

  • Everyone know what Champagne is – its light, its crisp, and its full of bubbles.  Unbeknownst to some, true Champagne (with a “C”) can only come from the Champagne region of France. encourages you to join in the celebration by exchanging photos, tasting notes, experiences, discoveries, or videos on Friday 19th, 2018!  In need of assistance on how to celebrate? Check out this great guide by Traveling Corkscrew on 20 ways to celebrate Champagne Day.
  • #ChampagneDay

National Chocolate Day – October 28th

  • Another date that has been suggested as National Chocolate Day.  Don’t complain – just try a different chocolate/wine combination.  Or throw a wine and chocolate tasting party!


International Merlot Day – November 7th

  • Give credit where credit is due: The Wine Cellar Insider, by several sources, should be given credit for the development of this day. Merlot, is a beautiful varietal that, especially in the United States, seems to have taken a “backseat” to Cabernet Sauvignon.  However, it remains the most widely planted grapes in France and a prominent varietal used in Bordeaux blends.  So, let’s follow the recommendations of the creators of International Merlot Day: “[use the day as a] time to celebrate and take a look at all things Merlot!

International Tempranillo Day – November 9th

  • TAPAS, Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigo Society, organized the first Tempranillo day in 2011 as “A celebration of the Tempranillo grape with all its regional symptoms.”  The grape native to Spain, is a beautiful varietal that can be enjoyed on its own or within the wonderful Rioja blend.  Check out Wine Enthusiasts Five Things You Didn’t Know about Tempranillo for More!
  • #TempranilloDay

Happy Hour Day – November 12th

  • Nothing beats a good happy hour – especially when it involves wine.  Whether it be a wine flight, wine by the glass, or a full bottle for a discounted price, there is simply something about enjoying happy hour with friends or co-workers.  Get your group together and go enjoy some discounted wine!
  • #HappyHour

Beaujolais Nouveau Day – November 15th (3rd Thursday in November)

  • According to Beaujolais Nouveau Day: “Beaujolais Nouveau Day is marked in France on the third Thursday in November with fireworks, music and festivals. Under French law, the wine is released at 12:01 a.m., just weeks after the wine’s grapes have been harvested. Parties are held throughout the country and further afield to celebrate the first wine of the season.” Beaujolais nouveau is a special variety of wine produced from Gamay grapes which are grown and harvested in France.  Interestingly, unlike many varietals, Beaujolais Nouveau is best drunk new – generally by May the following season.

National Zinfandel Day – November 21st (3rd Wednesday in November)

  • Zinfandel Day, occurring on the 3rd Wednesday in November, is a day for Zinfandel lovers! It provides the chance to express a passion for this unique varietal as well as a time to spread the word on this fun wine.  The day is promoted by the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP) with a goal of preserving, educating, and appreciating a classic American grape.  Now that you know the date, check out this guide on 5-ways to celebrate National Zinfandel Day!
  • #ZinDay


Cabernet Franc Day – December 4th

  • Cabernet Franc is an amazing varietal that may not be as well known as others due to its frequent incorporation within red wine blend.  Check out this post by Social Vignerons who appropriately state: “Give Cab Franc its day: it’s more than a blending grape.”  Not only is Cabernet Franc another key varietal in Bordeaux blend, it is also the father to Cabernet Sauvignon.  While not nearly as popular, we agree that Cabernet Franc deserves more attention – especially on this day, let’s shine the spotlight on this fun varietal!
  • #CabFrancDay

Sangria Day – December 20th

  • Ok, not going to lie on this one, but we’ve always considered Sangria more of a summer drink.  Interestingly, it seems that there is a historical purpose to Sangria, a drink that is largely associated to Spain.  According to Days of the Year, Romans (who inhabited the area ~2000 years ago) likely utilized water-downed wine with herbs and spices in an effort to decontaminate the water they knew was unsafe to drink.  The use of spices and herbs into the wine created a spicy drink that has continued to be a tradition for centuries.  There are no exact recipes for making Sangria, so enjoy it over ice for a nice break from the heat or in the winter allowing the spice to warm you up!

Champagne Day – December 31st

  • We aren’t sure whether or not December 31st is officially Champagne Day (given it is already celebrated Globally on October 19th).  Who’s going to argue with anyone wanting to pop some bubbly on New Years Eve?  Cheers to 2019!!

Special Thanks to the following for providing information and verifying/validating dates:


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