Michael David – Petite Petit Sirah Lodi – 2015

Samson Oliver
Samson Oliver Preparing for a Tasting!

Lets first start with the label of this Petite-Petit Sirah – it kind of makes you laugh.  Seeing two elephants in a circus arena just makes you chuckle and if you love elephants you are loving the label.  I would love to be able to provide an interesting history of the label – explain why the Petite-Petit Sirah, the Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon and Freakshow Red Blend have unique labels but I am at a loss other than to say that their label certainly captures your eye.  The brother duo of Michael and David Phillips have utilized their family history as grape-growers to develop these unique and delicious wines.

As the Michael-David winery website states “Like elephants whose size is imposing, Petite-Petit is Large!”  They are not kidding – this big and bold beautiful blend incorporates 85% Petite Sirah with 15% Petit Verdot.  Utilizing grapes from Lodi appellation allows Michael-David to get big bold flavors within this wine.  Certainly a wine that pairs well with food but can equally be consumed on its own to anyone’s delight.

Visual: The most obvious characteristic of the wine from a visual perspective is how deep and dark the wine is – it has an inky like nature that is most clearly demonstrated when evaluating the legs of the wine.  They almost stain the side of the glass as well as your teeth!  It is a bold purple color but overall clear in nature.  There was no sediment or other debris in the wine leaving a clear wine that was deeper than virtually all other wines we tried.

Nose: : The wine was quite aromatic in intensity and possessed notes of dark fruit, specifically black currant, blackberry, and blueberry.  There were also hints of vanilla and possibly chocolate or cocoa as the wine was allowed to open up.  We definitely felt that the wine started to develop in aromas as it sat out for about 30 minutes.

Taste: The wine was a full-bodied dry wine with smooth acidity.  The wine was well balanced and possessed medium to high tannins that were round in nature.  The intensity of flavor was very approachable and was quite abundant with dark fruit to start with dark cherries and cloves.  There was also a smoky characteristic to the wine with tobacco and leather to finish of an exceptionally long finish (>8 seconds).

Our Overall Impression

  • This is one of our favorite everyday wines – it is a great wine to have everyday but possess the characteristics to be pulled out for special occasions.
  • The intensity of the wine is bold and full-bodied potentially making it harder to drink in the summer or warmer conditions – however, we consume it throughout the summer.
  • It pairs well with red meats but can equally be served without food.
  • For the price, it is a wonderful wine to have in stock in the wine fridge – a definite “go-to” when you need to decompress!!

Petite Petit SirahPrice: $16.99 (average price)

Vivino Rating: 4 out of 5

Our Rating:  94 out of 100

Tasting Date: 11/15/17

Wine Name – Petite-Petit

Producer – Michael David Winery

Region/appellation – Lodi

Grape Varieties – 85% Petite Sirah – 15% Petit Verdot

Vintage – 2015

Alcohol – 14.5%

Barrel – French Oak

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