Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir wines are consistenlty light-to-medium bodied translucent wine with high acidity, low tannins and is highlighted by fruity aromas and earthy notes.  Loved for its elegance, the wine is often associated with romance and both wine experts and beginners alike enjoy its “silky, sexy” smooth demeanor.

Originating from the Burgundy region of France, Pinot Noir wines are a light-colored red wine grown predominately from Pinot Noir wine grapes.  While most of the world refers to it as Pinot Noir, regions of France refer to it as Red Burgundy, in association to where it was originally produced.  It is argued that the best Pinot Noir wines still hail from the Burgundy region in France, but world-class Pinot Noir wines are being produced in Willamette Valley, Oregon and Russian River Valley, California, as well as Germany, Argentina and Australia.  Irrespective, cultivating Pinot Noir wine grapes into a desirable, drinkable wine is an art which when done properly leads to a highly sought after wine.

One of the more popular wines in the world, Pinot Noir developed an increase in popularity, especially in the US, following the production of the movie Sideways which depicts a to be groom and his best man on a last-weekend getaway to wine country.

Pinot Noir Wine ProfileDespite the continual popularity of Pinot Noir, they are not the easiest of wines to produce.  The complex terroirs that are the embodiment of Pinot Noir are rooted in the region the grapes are grown, specifically as it relates to soil types, and fermentation techniques.  Additionally, Pinot Noir wine grapes are less tolerant to “harsh” vineyard conditions due to the relative thinness of their skins, as compared to Cabernet Sauvignon.  They are prone to disease and highly susceptible to genetic mutations Following harvesting, the thin-skins of the Pinot Noir wine grapes creates a beautiful light-ruby or garnet color, with low tannins and medium body characteristics.  Classic Pinot Noir produces flavors consistent with ripe red fruit (cranberry, cherry, raspberry), cloves and mushrooms; however, these flavor profiles are largely influenced by the region in which they are harvested.  The warmer climates of California, New Zealand, Australia, and Chile will develop more raspberry or clove notes, while cooler climates of Oregon, France and Germany produce cranberry and mushroom profiles.  While red fruits predominate in the flavor profiles or Pinot Noir, earthy notes are frequently detected when analyzing.

Pinot Noir wine grapes serve as one of the most versatile grapes as they can produce red wine, white wine, rose wine, and even sparkling wine.  It is this versatility that makes Pinot Noir wine grapes such a fun and exciting grapes to experience.

Tasting of Pinot Noir wines is best when using Aromatic Red (Burgundy) glasses in order to fully assess the diverse terroir of the wine.  Storage temperature should be consistent with normal cellar temperature of 55-60 F.  It possess moderate aging capabilities, but is generally best consumed within 5 years.

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