The Other Guys – Plungerhead Cabernet Sauvignon – 2014

Samson Oliver providing wine feedback

For starters – the bottle for Plungerhead is a bit strange.  Not every day do you pick up a bottle of wine with a plunger affixed to a man’s head.  Reading other guys wine story regarding how the bottle image unfolded, the slogan “that’s just Eddie” seems to fit perfectly with the unique bottle.  The group that produces Plungerhead seems to be the type of crowd that we wouldn’t mind splitting a bottle (or 6) with.

The following 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon came from the Alexander Valley in California

Visual: A deep purplish hue that appeared clear without noticeable legs we would expect for Cabernet Sauvignon

Nose: dark fruit, vanilla, hints of tobacco – it was quite aromatic but appeared youthful in development

Taste: an unexpected “tartness” was present suggesting the acidity was still present (another indication for youthfulness); we felt it was a medium-bodied wine with medium tannins – the acidity was a bit high creating  fair overall balance of the wine – the fruits on the palate were tart ripe berries

Our overall impression:

  • We felt that the this other guys wine slightly under performed when compared to the nose of the wine. The tartness of ripe berries was slightly over-powering and created a fair balanced wine
  • The wine did improve with time (we decanted for ~30 minutes prior to analysis); however, even after an hour the wine still didn’t seem to find its balance
  • Unfortunately, this wine didn’t strike our palate and the taste likely still needs time to develop

Plungerhead Cabernet Sauvignon - 2014Price: $18.99 (average price)

Vivino Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Our Rating:  89 out of 100

Tasting Date: 10/29/17


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